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White Space Opportunities are surfacing in every industry, every day.

Today’s business landscape has nothing to do with sustainable competitive advantage – we are in a transient advantage marketplace. There is constant change in the transient economy, which creates white spaces everywhere. You need a method to proactively search for white spaces and launch a Service–Product Experience that can take–over a white space.

The Signature Concept is our method to make the White Space yours.

 CONCEPTS  purpose is to give you a razor-sharp definition of a Service-Product Experience that will make your value proposition inimitable against competitive innovation.

Our archetype method is to ‘fill’ this white space (solution) by defining your Signature Concept:

The Signature Concept is a service–product architecture that redefines how to connect services and products for an emerging consumer market. It’s a set of united business and creative strategies, designed to be executed in such a way that is only logical to the Signature Owner (you). Your competitors can copy aspects of your Signature but the outcome will be flawed because their business operations are not aligned with the other critical signature elements.

Signature Concept Example
A section of Signature Concept document; parts blurred for privacy.

How we deliver a Signature Concept

 CONCEPTS  partners with you, we employ three services in the Signature Concept program:



1. Idea Inertia

Research (White Space)
Idea generation

2. Signature Concept

Service-Product Experience

3. Innovation Acceleration

Business experimentation
Business Orchestration

Outline of service delivery

It all starts with an Idea Inertia sprint and the journey to transform ideas into your Signature Concept (Business).

Idea Inertia:
Finding White Space

  • 10-Day Idea Inertia Sprint
  • Creative Divergence

 CONCEPTS  triggers idea generation to look for White Space Opportunities from different industries. We search for divergent ideas with the mandate to manufacture an idea set that will inform your strategic intent and Signature Concept.

Signature Concept:
Defining White Space

  • 10-Day Concept Sprint
  • Ecosystem Insight
  • Concept Modelling
  • Productisation Strategy

We define a service-product architecture
and translate into a strategic, thematic customer experience (bundle of services and channels). This is utilised to define your white space and Go-To-Market strategy. The Signature Concept becomes a powerful organising principle – connecting ideas to strategic intent.

Innovation Acceleration:
Making White Space

  • 20-Day Innovation Sprint
  • Innovation Experiment
  • Service-Product Prototype
  • Productisation

 CONCEPTS  works with you to conduct and manage an agenda for business model experimentation. We identify what components, real business initiatives, of the Service-Product Experience to prototype, launch, and experiment with consumers.


(Fill the White Space)

Are you launching a business, creating a new customer experience, developing a game-changing product or need to make a ‘white space’ opportunity real?


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