Are you launching a business, creating a new product experience, developing a game-changing product or need to make a ‘white space’ opportunity real? 

Concepts works on Special Projects with entrepreneurs, executive leadership teams, and organisations. The Concepts Team works as your strategist, designer, innovator and advisor. We inject the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset you need from a business partner.

Next. Never Pause.

We are always looking for the next and how it can be realised in the form of new business models and new product experiences. And we never pause the innovation pipeline.

It’s a transient marketplace where companies need transient competitive advantage to stay in business. So we designed our playbook to add value at the ideation, insight and innovation part of the value chain. So not only do we execute on your ideas, we maximise your innovation.


The Play–by–Play of our approach.

1. Manufacture Ideaflow: Next.

The business landscape has evolved to be less about maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage to a transient advantage marketplace. You need to be more focussed on experimenting and iterating to keep your offer inimitable.

Concepts manufactures Ideaflow to generate ideas for your signature concept and beyond – we keep ideas flowing to turn your innovation pipeline into a strategic weapon.

2. Define the Signature Concept.

You need a razor-sharp definition of your business and marketing concept that addresses how to connect your customers with your products and services. This is the Signature Concept play – it’s our proprietary business method to create a unique business and product architecture that you can Go-To-Market with and execute as a new venture.

Concepts collaborates with you to define your Signature Concept. The focus is on crafting a cohesive Creative Idea (Ideation + Concept Modelling), Product/Service Framework, Strategic Intent, Brand Strategy, Experience Architecture, and Business Model/Ecosystem. Our objective is create a category redefining proposition.

3. Spark Innovation.

A business today should always be prototyping product and service propositions, these experiments are conducted in a real world setting.

Concepts works with you to identify where to conduct Business Model Experimentation, we then define and build the core business and product innovation for launch.

4. Launch the Enterprise: Go-To-Market.

The Go-To-Market strategy distills your business’ future value proposition into a tactical beachhead. The strategy is to target a customer segment with a structured, scaled product/service offer via a specific channel. The KPI is to prove that there is a profitable customer and that your offer meets their needs before selling into the next segment. The beachhead is not an experiment, it must be a sizeable revenue-earning market and if executed correctly, the beachhead strategy should underwrite the success of the business.

Concepts can facilitate strategic programs and conducts market and ethnographic research to uncover the target segment and underlying business and product strategy to form the Go-To-Market approach.

5. Stack the Innovation Pipeline: Roadmap.

The Enterprise Roadmap service is structured to expose emergent strategy and uncover customer insights by continuing the initial market and ethnographic research. The new information is used in product innovation and revenue enhancement. The Roadmap aligns your future business state with the ever-changing customer value proposition by using an ideology we call Next Economy. It’s a pragmatic view of how your business should innovate and evolve to exploit the future economy, based on how new technologies will alter the Now Economy.

Concepts develops a Roadmap based on your ecosystem and ‘pushing’ your core business and product model into the Next Economy, this is mapped into a series of time-based horizons. We are not future-proofing, we’re future-enabling.

6. Evolve the Signature: Never Pause.

Think of the Signature Concept as a draft of your business story that should be edited and refined.

Concepts continues to work in service of the Signature Concept, it becomes a powerful organising principle – a filter for the now and the next. We do this via Ideaflow and use it to look for divergent ideas that will augment the existing Signature Concept..


What next?

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