Our focus is on your Signature

Your signature is your uniquely creative id – a stylised code incorporating your creativity and personality – making it difficult to duplicate. But signatures can be copied, an inherently wrong action – a forgery. And it’s the same in the corporate world, many businesses copy other company’s signature innovation, launch it, and see it ultimately fail because it’s a forgery.

The mimicking company doesn’t understand that they copied a strategic innovation from the swindled company’s ‘signature concept’, which is (also) connected to an explicit, confidential white space “business model”.

It is from within the white space (opportunity) that smart businesses launch innovation. This type of opportunity is not for corporate-centric brands to exploit, a new breed of branded venture earns the right to address the consumers within these emerging gaps and markets…

The modern commerce brand is a Service‑Product Experience; designed as a platform-play. They are the new emerging brands that develop a deep connection with every consumer. They unite services and products in novel ways. They focus on experiences that place customers at the core of everything. They inject creativity into the business at all layers via their own Signature Concept that cannot be mimicked.

It is extremely surprising how many businesses seek to imitate instead of exploiting their own creative thinking and spending the time to develop their Signature Concept. Every company should define its Signature Concept…

If you are launching a business, creating a new customer experience, developing a game‑changing product or need to make a white space opportunity real…

Get Your Signature Concept


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We work with entrepreneurs and leadership teams to design and invent new businesses, co-create innovations, engineer underlying software-services to build digital products and launch service‑product brand experiences. We inject the entrepreneurial spirit you need from a business partner.


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